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Intake Guidelines

What is an Intake?

An intake meeting is a kick off with Findest that occurs at the start of the scouting process. it is designed to:

  • Introduce the scouting process Findest follows
  • Understand your challenge
  • Define the scope of the challenge together with the Technology Scout (more info below)

Our Technology Scout(s) will lead the intake meeting and coordinate the search actions at Findest.

Intake Process

If this is your first case with Findest, our Technology Scouts will provide an introductory presentation to get your accustomed to the scouting process at Findest and how we use IGOR^AI to deliver results faster.

Following the presentation, we will ask you to present your challenge to our Technology Scouts, who will ask questions about the challenge and the desired outcome. They will make sure that your expectations are aligned with what we deliver. Most of the time will be set on understanding the topic, and defining the scope of the search together.

Challenge Scoping

Our Technology Scouts will help you decide on how broad the search should be to deliver optimal results based on your preferences, and which solution spaces should be targeted.
For example, if your challenge is to find energy storage technologies, a broad scope will result in a full landscape of technologies (electrochemical, mechanical, electrical), whereas a narrow scope may be limited to specific batteries (e.g. lithium-ion) only.
By correctly scoping the challenge, our Technology Scouts are able to extract the most appropriate level of depth of information and technologies, and help you obtain the best value out of our scouting service.

How can I prepare for the intake?

In order to structure your thoughts for the intake, we recommend completing our Pre-Intake Form. It consists of a series of short questions, including the background of your case, that will help our Technology Scout prepare questions and the scope for the intake.
Typical examples of questions will we ask at the intake will ask include the background of your challenge, why you are search for alternatives, the problem faced by the present solution, and what type of results (broad inspiration of detailed answers) you are looking for.

Whom should attend the Intake Meeting?

As a general rule, we ask to only invite those who will engage in actively analysing and discussing the case and its results.
Furthermore, to help facilitate an effective discussion at the intake, we advise to not bring more than three people to the intake.

What happens after the intake?

After the intake, our Technology Scout will create a Scout Intake Sheet on our online platform, summarising the intake and the selected scope. We recommend that you review the Scout Intake Sheet to ensure that the information is correct and confirm the case description on our platform.
Once the case is confirmed, our Technology Scouts will fire up IGOR^AI. You will receive the results of the scouting within 2 weeks, which will be presented in the results meeting.

For any remaining questions, feel free to reach out to