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Currently, Findest consists of 37 top innovators aiming for big positive impact.
Are you impact-driven, sustainable & celebrative? You are a perfect addition to the team!

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of those research papers, theses, and scientific literature produced at universities over the years? We did too! This is why we created IGOR^AI, our AI-powered technology search engine that finds solutions and innovations quickly and easily by reading millions of scientific publications, patents & webpages. Findest wants to create impact by setting the goal to contribute to 10.000 innovations within ten years. Each innovation is celebrated with slagroom taart and by restoring coral reefs.

We are looking for technology enthusiasts eager to work at an energetic startup, willing to work in our Development, Business developement and Technology scouting departements. At Findest, you work will contribute to solve technical challenges from companies like ASML, Heineken, Shell, BMW & Unilever.

Jobs at Findest

Food and Biotech
Technology Scout

Posted August 3, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Experience : 2 - 4 Years

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Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Posted 4 May, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Experience : 1 to 3 Years

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Senior Software Engineer
- Tech Lead

Posted 22 May, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Experience : 7+ Years

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A sneak peek in the Findest company culture...

Findest wants to create impact by setting the goal to contribute to 10.000 innovations within ten years. Findest bridges the gap between research and innovation by supporting clients to find the best solution for their R&D challenges. This bridging function is enabled by IGOR^AI, our in-house developed intelligent software engine. Our growing team (>30) consists of eager, enthusiastic, and experienced tech-savvy people. We work on new ways to turn science and technology into practical innovations at hundreds of companies, both SMEs and multinationals.