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Easily capture, compare, and evaluate R&D knowledge in one simple tool. Quicken your technology reviews and collectively build a record of previously investigated solutions.

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The Findest Universe is your central platform for capturing insights from literature, supplier web pages, and technological solutions. With the Findest Universe Plugin (Chrome & Edge) you can collect information from any webpage and make sure you don’t lose important information.

The Universe empowers you to construct a digital twin of your R&D knowledge. You and your coworkers can create interactive links between your innovation project outcomes, unveiling previously unseen correlations between projects and technologies that could accelerate your research objectives.

Our AI-powered system automatically generates concise and fact-based descriptions for any part of your research work - from specific sections to full reports. Saving you effort while ensuring the explanations are consistently clear and informative for your colleagues.

Integrated with Google, our plugin synergises your search - scanning your existing Universe content simultaneously as you browse on Google. Plus, If you are reading a webpage that is connected to your Universe, we'll alert you, allowing you to pick up where your colleague left off, saving you valuable time as an R&D professional.

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