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Our Mission:
10,000 innovations in 10 years


Customers: 5
Team: 4


Customers: 100
Team: 15


Customers: 200
Team: 25


Customers: 300+
Team: 35+

Our History

Launch of Findest

First customers used the scouting service on a 'pay-what-you-want' basis.

Building IGORAI

The scouting service scaled up, and IGOR was developed into a more advanced version.

International Expansion

Achieved market leadership in the Netherlands. Expanded across EU.

IGORAI for Librarians

Findest adapted to R&D teams working remotely, and launched an advanced version of IGORAI.

Record Growth

Technology scouting became the core priority for R&D teams, rapidly increasing demand.

IGORAI for R&D-engineers

Launched next generation IGORAI tailored to the needs of R&D engineers.

Launching One Findest

Scaling across Europe and beyond with a focus on operational scalability and customer excellence.


Customers: 50
Team: 7


Customers: 150
Team: 20


Customers: 300
Team: 35


Findest is advancing innovations across all industries. Now we also expand our impact by committing to save coral reefs. And by working with us, so are you!

Global warming, rising sea levels, energy distribution, food shortages and an ever-increasing world population - accelerating innovation has never been more urgent as humankind faces the most difficult challenges ever experienced.

We aid organisations to uncover the solutions to solve challenges that radically impact the future. Every innovation can have a massive impact on the complex challenges ahead of us.

As part of of We The Reef program, Findest supports the mission of Coral Gardeners by donating a % of annual sales of projects that result in an innovation. This donation is directly translated into tangible impact underwater to protect and restore the world’s coral reefs.

We The Reef program unites businesses worldwide to save the reef. The future we see is one where our actions above the surface help protect the ocean and what’s below.

Join us in this movement!Learn more about the We The Reef program at Coral Gardeners.

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