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Find Technologies Fast
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300+ companies have already
worked with Findest!
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300+ companies have already
worked with Findest!

Technology scouting leader

Statistics ring showing 30,000 scouted technologies
Technologies scouted
in over 2,000 projects
  • 300+ Customers
  • 37 Team Members
  • 15 Countries
  • 100% Growth
A series of 2 second videos that visualise people doing research and applications of technologies
Used by R&D-teams at SMEs and innovative corporates worldwide
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Technology Scouting

Work with Findest technology scouts and IGORAI to find technologies quickly for R&D-challenges.

Findest works with R&D departments in innovative industries.
From industry followers to innovation leaders.

Consumer Electronics



Chemical Industry





Use the IGORAI platform to dive into millions of scientific articles, patents, and company websites.

Gather Information

Acquire a complete overview
of technical knowledge.


Use the knowledge to make informed R&D decisions.

Search Engine

Use artificial intelligence to scan through millions of documents for solutions across all industries.

Science, Patents & Company Websites

A single platform to combine the sources you need for technology intelligence.

Share Knowledge

Summarise key information and facilitate decision making on the platform.


Scouting Service

Outsource the search work
to the Findest technology

Advanced IGOR^AI 

Get complete control over the scope, search strategy, and share knowledge with colleagues and internal customers.

IGOR^AI Access

Continue searching after collaborating the the Findest technology scouts in the Service.

Scouting Service

Team up with the
Findest Technology Scouts

IGORAI Software

Use the platform to find technologies and share knowledge

IGOR^AI Access

Continue searching after collaborating the the Findest technology scouts in the Service.

Our Mission:
10,000 innovations in 10 years

Hear from our Customers

Jelle Paulusma

Innovation Manager
Port of Amsterdam

Annita Westenbroek

Director Innovation
Royal Netherlands Paper & Board Association

Christine Lipczynski

Information professional
Engie Laborelec

Work with Findest to find solutions for...

Map all solutions

Find all energy storage solutions available for modern electric vehicles.

Find technology alternatives

What are emerging technologies that could disrupt our existing solution?

Find new applications

What are additional applications of gold nano-particles?

Detailed technical requirements

What is the thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of silicon carbide?

Find innovative suppliers

Who are the key European suppliers of industrial scale wheat harvesters?

Chemical conversion

What catalysts are being developed to crack long-chain hydrocarbons?

Replace chemical/material

What is a sustainable or bio-based alternative to PVC for construction?

Sensing / Industry 4.0

What sensors can measure fibration in our production process?
Start Finding Technologies - Today.

With an empirically proven process of breaking down abstract R&D challenges into actionable scouting phases, and an advanced artificial intelligence search engine to ensure that you attain complete technology overview - getting started with Findest has never been easier.

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