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R&D software tools

Global R&D software landscape (2023). A visual overview of the latest and greatest R&D software tools and suppliers.
An overview of different R&D software tools: clustered in technology scouting tools, science search engines, IP-management, Market intelligence/trends, new product development tools, R&D knowledge management, startup scouting tools and idea-management tools.
As AI-powered technology scouting company, Findest tracks what R&D software tools exist. This list aims to give a quick overview of R&D tools we come across often. Note that more suppliers are out there, and we recommend using IGORAI to scout the others!
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Technology scouting tools

IGOR^AI logoWellspring logoEzassi logoItonics Scout logoGoldfire logoDiscovery (by Patsnap) logo

Software powered services

Findest logoLuxresearch logoYet2 logoNineSigma logoNerac logoInnocentive logo

Science search engines

Web of science logoMicrosoft Academic logoGoogle Scholar logoSciFinder logoKnovel logoPubMed logo

Intellectual property tools

Google Patents logoPatsnap logoPatent InspirationClearAccess IP logoIPfolio logoEspacenet logo

Startup scouting tools

dealroom.co logocrunchbase logoFUELUP logoVenture Radar logoVenture IQ logoINNOSPOT logo

Idea management tools

SkipsoLabs logoIDEA DROP logoideanote.io logoQmarkets logoidea connectionLinknovate

New product development tools

jama software logoPlanview logoElemental machines logoHYPE logoBubble PPM logomergeflow logo
Gartner logolevadata logocbinsights logocrayon logoAlphaSense logonetbase Quid logo

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