Testing: Virus

In the early days of the corona pandemic, we used IGOR^AI to scout for all the diagnostic tests that had ever been described for diagnosing coronaviruses. A list of 26 tests was created of which ten were selected to perform a deep dive search on to assess the TRL, sensitivity, testing time and point-of-care application.

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How does a diagnostics test work?

During the intake meeting we together define the scope of your technology, in this case: viral diagnostic tests to detect corona.

After the intake meeting the Findest scout will focus on finding as many relevant results as possible for your technology. These 'technologies' will be stored on the IGOR^AI platform with descriptions and examples from literature.

In the midway meeting, we will discuss together which results are relevant. You can then select 1-10 viral diagnostics tests for a deep dive scouting phase.

In the second scouting phase the scout elaborates the information for the selected tests. A summary of the test is provided in a table containing three important aspects of your choice. Additionally, specifications, TRL and potential customers is provided per test.

Findest's goal is to provide you the tools to select the most promising 'technologies'. On the IGOR^AI platform you can rapidly select, evaluate and share the results with the whole team.

Interested to test this process on your own topic?