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I am looking for: Chemical substitutes

Chemical substitution is a process of replacing one chemical with another in a chemical process, often following from new regulations and health/environmental objectives.

To find the right substitution, a thorough search of scientific literature, patents, and the web must be completed in order to find the best leads that can be tested in the lab. With IGOR^AI you can find and assess potential chemical substitutes beyond the obvious candidates.

Tailored approach

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to assist in generating potential chemical substitutes. AI can be used to gather potential alternatives from scientific literature, patents, and the web. AI can analyze the available data for chemical properties, cost, and environmental impact, allowing for a much more comprehensive search than a manual search. Additionally, AI can be used to create models for predicting the best potential substitutes for a given chemical, allowing for more efficient and accurate searches.

The chemical substitution process can be done for a variety of reasons, including reducing the cost of a product, finding more environmentally friendly alternatives, or improving the efficacy of a product. To find the right substitution, a thorough search of scientific literature, patents, and the web must be completed in order to find the best alternatives.

Using IGOR^AI for chemical substitution can provide a significant advantage over manual searches. IGOR^AI can save time, reduce costs, and provide more accurate and comprehensive results than manual searches. IGOR^AI can also provide insights into the process that may not be possible with manual searches. For businesses that rely on chemical substitution, IGOR^AI can provide a great advantage in the search for the best possible substitutes, and gives a reliable outside perspective on the existence versus lack of potential plausible substitutes.

How does a Chemicals substitution ​case work?

During the intake meeting you together define the scope of the chemical substitution challenge. What functionality does your ingredient / chemical / substance / material need to have?

After the intake meeting the Findest scout will focus on finding all chemicals on a category level. Examples will be given on specific chemicals within each category.

To prepare the second scouting phase we will with application experts discuss what the primary properties A, B, C should be for the technology deep dives.

This second scouting phase will consist of elaborating the information of the categories and finding the properties of the relevant chemicals. Specifications, TRL, and suppliers or partners can be found on a material or category level, depending on the topic and your whishes.

Findest's goal is to provide you a tailored overview of the types of chemicals that are truly interesting for your own application, and give good input for a report on the likely existence of chemical substitutes on a specific application.