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I am looking for: Coatings

With IGOR^AI we can find potential coatings that bring functionality to your product or process. This type of scouting project is particularly interesting if you are looking for coating materials, creating both a higher level overview and a deep dive on the most relevant coatings.

How does a Coatings ​case work?

During the intake meeting we together define the scope of your challenge. What functionality does your coating need to have?

After the intake meeting the Findest scout will focus on creating a high level overview of coating possibilities in your context.

In the midway meeting, we will discuss which results are relevant. You can then select several coating routes for the deep dive scouting phase.

The second scouting phase will consist of elaborating the selected coating routes and finding the key information you need to make an informed decision. Specifications, TRL, and suppliers or partners can be found on a various levels, depending on the topic and your whishes.

Findest's goal is to provide you a tailored overview of the types of coatings that are truly interesting for your challenge. On the IGOR^AI platform you can rapidly select, evaluate and share the results with the whole team.