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I am looking for: Competitors

If you are on the verge of starting the development or commercialisation of a new technology, you might be interested on what else is out there – is your product the most promising? Who are the prominent key players in this field? Are there other approaches to solving the same problem? With IGOR^AI we can provide a technology & competitor landscape overview.

Example Case: Find Microsurgical Robots Landscape

Intake sheet for the Landscape of Microsurgical Robots case

Technology readiness radar of the Landscape of Microsurgical Robots case

One of the found results is the PRECEYES Surgical System

In this challenge, we scouted for surgical robots used for microsurgical procedures. In the first line of scouting a quick overview of the different options available is created – from a commercial and academic background. After a brief scope check-in, the project covered 24 robotic platforms in total (at least on a prototype level), with information on the requirements, TRL and highlights from both science and commercial parties.


How does a Competitors / Technology Landscape ​case work?

During the intake meeting, we discuss the case and the focus for your scouting project.

After the intake meeting the Findest scout will do a first line of searching in IGOR^AI to get an overview of the field that will enable the creation of a full landscape.

From an early stage, we integrate your feedback as an expert to IGOR^AI to built the most relevant landscape. In a midway meeting we can learn, for example, if are you interested in competitors that have filed a patent but have not yet commercialised any product?

Once the direction is fully grasped, the Findest scout will do a deep dive into the results. This will include a list of competitors / technologies, along with highlights on scientific literature or commercial information, specifications, a TRL radar, and a table that summarises some of the most relevant requirements.

Findest's goal is to provide you an overview of the competitive landscape, to bring you further in your innovation journey. On the IGOR^AI platform you can rapidly select, evaluate and share the results with the whole team.