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In R&D departments, the search for suitable technologies often takes up a lot of time and effort.

The Dutch startup Findest aims to make this process faster and easier by using artificial intelligence. Now, you can contribute to growing IGOR^AI users a well by joining the business development team.

As junior business developer you will help people get to know Findest, so they can speed up the process of technology scouting while also enabling them to get a better overview of potential technologies.

Your role

The Findest team is searching for new colleagues on the business side to increase the number of customers/clients internationally together with the BusDev Team.For the Business Development department, Findest is looking for people with a scientific background or interest in technology. You are persuasive, creative, and can talk your way into innovative multinationals and SME's.

At Findest, Business Development has four functions: Market Development Representative, Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, and Account Manager. Currently, we are looking for Sales Development Representatives.

  1. Market Development Representative (market mapping)
  2. Sales Development Representative (market outreach)
  3. Account Executive (showing IGOR^AI to future customers)
  4. Account Manager (growing corporate relationships)

Description of Sales Development Representative (SDR):As a team of roughly four people, you focus on growing Findest in a country. In the beginning, as a junior business developer, you will get to know the countries culture in depth. What type of innovations do they realize? What are the core industries in the country? What challenges are being tackled? How are they affected by Corona? What methods are used within companies to innovate? In short: how is R&D performed in the appointed country, and how can we convince them to see if IGOR^AI could be helpful for them.

In your day-to-day work, you will:

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Are you interested in joining a diverse team and looking forward to work with the most innovative companies in the world.  Do you want to see how the university courses on innovation and business are translated into practice? Do you think you can contribute to the proces of growing Findest? Sign up on this page or send an email to

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